The Truth About Survivors

The Truth About Survivors
“I haven’t met a lady here who isn’t kind.”

This was a comment made by a sweet soul sister I met on Sunday morning, at the close of the Called to Peace Ministries He Makes All Things New Retreat.

Such profound truth.

For years, even decades, we were told that we were the problem.

We were mistreated, dishonored, abused, shamed and blamed.

But, the truth is that abusers choose victims because of their strengths, not their weaknesses.

Many of are servers.





We are forgiving, empathetic, long-suffering, self-sacrificing, optimistic, compassionate, creative and resourceful.

Always hoping and waiting and praying.

Almost to the point of death.

I am so thankful for TRUTH.

TRUTH sets us FREE.

We are beloved.









We are a mighty army, rising up.

We’ve come through the fire and we will keep carrying back buckets for those who are still engulfed in the flames.

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My Child, You Can Always Come Home

My Child, You Can Always Come Home
My child, you can always come home.

No matter the time that has lapsed since I saw you last.

No matter the words spoken in brokenness and pain.

No matter the differences that stand between us.

When you are weary, come home and rest.

When you are hungry, come home and eat.

When you are sad, come home to joy.

When you are stressed, come home to peace.

You are loved beyond comprehension.

No matter what.

Why I Stand For Mamas and Babies

Why I Stand For Mamas and Babies

I was conceived the year that Roe v Wade legalized abortion in the USA.

My mother was 17, unwed, and newly orphaned.

Her doctor strongly advised her to abort me.

She ran from that office and did not return to a doctor’s care until she was ready to deliver me.

She gave me life.

And, I am grateful.

(In the 50’s, her conception was also unplanned and when she was a newborn, she was adopted by an amazing and loving couple.)

Years later, my mom became one of the first telephone counselors for our local pregnancy center.

I grew up with a clear understanding of the sanctity of life.

Decades later, I became a client advocate for that same center.

I met with hundreds of women and heard heartbreaking stories.

Those women told me things they had never told another soul.

I have deep compassion for any woman who finds herself in a place where a pregnancy is unplanned.

Many fear for their lives.

Many do not have a support system.

Many do not have resources.

I do not stand in condemnation of anyone who has had an abortion, but I do stand for truth and justice.

Anyone I know who has made this choice has regret, shame, and is affected in every area of her life.

To anyone who has had an abortion and who needs help to heal, please reach out to me.

I will hold what you share in confidence and I will point you to resources.

To those of us who are passionate about life, let’s do better!

It’s not enough to stand AGAINST abortion.

We must stand FOR these mamas...we must do our part to show up, love on and support them for the long haul.

Host a baby shower.

Rally with others to supply her with diapers until the baby is potty trained.

Give her a gift card for groceries.

Babysit so she can have a day to herself.

Invite her and her child into your life, home and family.

I’m here because my mom chose life, which gave me the opportunity to become a mama to three beautiful baby boys.

I cannot imagine this world without those lives...

Who Do You Listen To?

Who Do You Listen To?
Learning to tune out the voice of the enemy is not an easy thing to do, but it is absolutely vital if we are going to grow, heal, thrive, flourish and walk in true freedom.

There are so many voices screaming at us every day...inside our minds, our own thoughts can trip us up. Externally, we listen to the voices of so many others.

I am learning to weigh the voices against the following criteria:

Does this person love me?

Does this person love God and want His best for me?

Do his/her words line up with God’s Word?

Does this person display good fruit in his/her life—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control?

If someone does not love you, is unwilling to treat you with honor and respect, disregards God’s ways and His word and bears stinky, rotten fruit...then, you should not allow him/her to get in your head (and heart) space.

Easier said than done, but we can choose hope, life, freedom and release!

Healing Takes Time

Healing Takes Time
It’s no wonder so many sick people stay sick and never experience wellness.

To heal completely (physically, mentally, emotionally) requires time.

We must stop.





Healing is a process that takes time.

It also takes measurable moments (hours, days, weeks and years) of time.

Researching treatment options, scheduling appointments, traveling, waiting in an office, phone calls, follow up, changing treatment courses, repeat...

Friend, take the time now to find your healing.

Do not put it off another moment.

You are worth the investment of time and resources needed to experience the fullness of life you were created for.

The same energy you would give to your child, spouse, or friend who is ill?

Give that to yourself!

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