Bye-Bye Bullies

Bye-Bye Bullies
Bullies are everywhere.

They are on school buses and playgrounds.

In boardrooms and MLM’s.

They stand on platforms and behind pulpits.

They may share your bloodline or your last name.

I vividly recall one such bully. I was in middle school, petite and timid. Abuse was rampant at home, so I was scared of my own shadow. I was jumpy and unsure of myself. This bully had laser focus. She picked me out on the school bus and stalked me in the dark corners of the school library. She threatened bodily harm on my frail frame.

in high school, I stepped in to protect someone else from a bully. A mean girl. I was barely 90 pounds, soaking wet, but she was verbally attacking someone I cared about and I didn't think twice about intervening.  

I have dealt with more bullies in my life that I care to recount. Many of those bullies have been in positions of spiritual leadership over me. Those are the worst kind. Ones who know God's Word and use it to beat others up.

As I am healing, I have learned a few things that give me courage to stand up for myself and walk away from bullies. I know I have so much more to learn, but these are some of the thoughts that are on my heart today.

I am no longer a scared, timid little girl. I am a grown woman. I am a powerful advocate for myself and others. I am a voice for the voiceless.

I choose to walk away from conversations or texts battles that are accusing, gaslighting, manipulating or projecting a bully's behaviors on to me. I am not anyone's punching bag or verbal vomit bucket. I am worthy of honor and respect.

I do not have to have relationships with those who bully me. I can go low or no contact with anyone who makes me feel threatened or unsafe.

I am not the reason a bully is miserable. I cannot to fix, heal, recuse, save or change anyone. The bully is responsible for his/her behaviors, I am responsible for mine.

Jesus had lots to say about abusers. He told us to have NOTHING to do with them. Jesus understood boundaries, and I am here to learn from the best teacher of all.