Why I Stand For Mamas and Babies

I was conceived the year that Roe v Wade legalized abortion in the USA.

My mother was 17, unwed, and newly orphaned.

Her doctor strongly advised her to abort me.

She ran from that office and did not return to a doctor’s care until she was ready to deliver me.

She gave me life.

And, I am grateful.

(In the 50’s, her conception was also unplanned and when she was a newborn, she was adopted by an amazing and loving couple.)

Years later, my mom became one of the first telephone counselors for our local pregnancy center.

I grew up with a clear understanding of the sanctity of life.

Decades later, I became a client advocate for that same center.

I met with hundreds of women and heard heartbreaking stories.

Those women told me things they had never told another soul.

I have deep compassion for any woman who finds herself in a place where a pregnancy is unplanned.

Many fear for their lives.

Many do not have a support system.

Many do not have resources.

I do not stand in condemnation of anyone who has had an abortion, but I do stand for truth and justice.

Anyone I know who has made this choice has regret, shame, and is affected in every area of her life.

To anyone who has had an abortion and who needs help to heal, please reach out to me.

I will hold what you share in confidence and I will point you to resources.

To those of us who are passionate about life, let’s do better!

It’s not enough to stand AGAINST abortion.

We must stand FOR these mamas...we must do our part to show up, love on and support them for the long haul.

Host a baby shower.

Rally with others to supply her with diapers until the baby is potty trained.

Give her a gift card for groceries.

Babysit so she can have a day to herself.

Invite her and her child into your life, home and family.

I’m here because my mom chose life, which gave me the opportunity to become a mama to three beautiful baby boys.

I cannot imagine this world without those lives...

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  1. Cecilia Vallejos  11/11/2020 07:31 PM Central
    Thank you Thank you!! it is not enough to say that we are pro-life, we must, ought and have to project to the future, through the every child that is born, starting with the love and dedication raising a child your rose to the occasion!! I am a single mother of an adopted daughter, the light of my life, because how I learned to overcome challenges, and then, realize that such love is beyond compare, how she gave me the life, strengh and motivation, to help her become the best of her, and she in turn, the person I am today. The daily juggle, is a delicate balance... but, I tell everyone, she did a lot for me, even a better IQ! Amazing how quickly we forget difficulties. And it is about us too, projecting our future, counting on our littlest ones to one day becoming doctors, surgeons, healers, engineers, welders, bakers, electricians, lawyers, musicians, pilots, farmers, Pastors to help heal souls..... We, the world over, are blessed thanks to the mothers that raised them!! All the best! Cecilia

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