Learning As I Grow....

Learning As I Grow....
Today, I began a new adventure.

I have been disappointed at the poor quality and limited availability of fresh produce since lock-down began.

I have become increasingly concerned about limited supplies of seeds.

I started researching gardening, hydroponics and aeroponics.

I learned about the Garden Tower system and ordered the necessary parts to grow food indoors, all year long.

Today, my dad helped me assemble the tower, but it was a simple set-up and I realize now that I could have conquered this.

Disclaimer 1: I have a black thumb.

I am not a garderned.

I kill houseplants to are not supposed to be kill-able.

Disclaimer 2: This is not my photo.

I just planted my seedlings today and it will be at least two weeks until I can transfer them to my tower.

For now, this is a photo that inspires me to hope and dream.

If you'd like to learn more about this system, click on my link.

I advise you to order sooner, versus later.

There is a food shortage in our nation and across the globe and this is one way we can be proactive and plan for healthy nutrition for our families.

Click here to learn more.