Enough is Enough

Followers of Christ,

Do we believe He is still on the throne?

Do we believe He knew all of our current
realities would be, long before we knew them?

Do we believe that He has given us ALL that we need to STAND?

Do we believe His grace is sufficient?

Do we believe He sees all, hears all, knows all?

Do we believe that righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne?

Do we believe that nothing matters more than loving Him and loving others?

Do we believe that there is a battle raging and we are on the WINNING side?

Do we believe that He hears our prayers and that they are powerful weapons against forces of evil?

Do we believe that nothing we go through on this earth will compare to the glory that waits for us in heaven?

We must stop fighting each other and turn on the real enemy...his plan has always been to separate us from God, to steal, kill and destroy us.

There is a world full of hurting, broken, bleeding people.

There are babies and children who are being tortured, mutilated, raped and murdered every day.

They need us to care, to pray, to fight, to stand up for them.

Brace yourselves.

Things will be revealed and we will not be able to say, “I had no idea...”

It’s time to rise up, unite and say, “Not on my watch.”

Enough is enough.

(Written June 6, 2020)