Just Keep Sharing

Just Keep Sharing

I was called out last week.

I shared a product with someone that was life-changing for me, and another person commented in a less than kind way.

I didn't like it, it stung, but it also caused something in me to rise up.

Too often, I let the fear of what others think of me keep me from speaking up.

There are things I have walked through that I know God can bring good from.

But, only if I share my story.

Only if I speak up.

My pain is not in vain if I can help others gain victory in their battles.

So, I'm done hiding.

I'm done worrying about who might think this or say that about me.

I have been been fighting for my health (body, mind and spirit) and I am grateful for each person who has contributed a piece of the puzzle to help me heal.

I am grateful to God for never leaving me or forsaking me and for providing for every need I have.

I am grateful for doctors who listened and chose to get to the root issues, rather than putting a superficial band-aid on debilitating diseases.

I am grateful for counselors who validated decades of trauma and offered me practical tools for moving toward wholeness.

I am grateful for friends who came and STAYED, who have stood by me for years, even decades, and never given up on me.

I am grateful for each vitamin, supplement, essential oil and nutritious food that have helped my body to recover from the inside out.

I am grateful for a job that I love and feel passionate about that allowed me to work from home while my body, mind and spirit recovered.



Every single day, I am learning and researching and when I find gems, I share them with YOU!

If you are desiring to experience health and wellness in your body, mind and spirit, I am here to cheer you on!

I'll just keep sharing...just keep sharing...just keep sharing...