To My Sisters Who Are Living In Abusive Marriages
Dear Sister,

I was invited to share in a group last week. This is a year to PROCLAIM God's goodness and any and every opportunity I get to share my story and tell of His faithfulness, I will take it.

Since I had only an hour with these ladies, I asked myself which FIVE POINTS I wanted to leave them with. Each of these points have MANY subpoints, but I wanted to give them things they could remember. I have hundreds of pages of notes from the abuse advocacy academy that I will complete this month. There is so much I want to say. But, for here and now, know these things:

God loves YOU more than He loves your marriage.

God's Word has MUCH to say about abuse/abusers. (Review the Power & Control Wheel for extensive examples of abuse)

God loves His daughters and He wants us to be safe and well.

Most marriages experience seasons that are disappointing or difficult. However, many marriages are destructive. 

In case of destructive marriages (abuse, addiction and/or adultery), marriage counseling is DANGEROUS, UNWISE AND UNETIHICAL.

Ladies, you are welcome to join us at Held & Healed: Christian Women Rebuilding After Abuse.


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