Truths to Renew Your Mind 
After An Abusive Marriage 
Dear One, 

Are you rebuilding your life after an abusive marriage?

Are you not sure how to put one foot in front of the other?

Have you been gaslighted for so long that you do not even know what is true?

I have learned some truths along the way that have renewed my mind.

Things I desperately needed someone to tell me decades ago. 

Now, I am here to speak these truths over you. 
God loves you and He wants you to be safe and well. 
A safe and loving father would not tell his precious daughter to return to a home filled with abuse. Why do so many churches tell women that God expects them to endure abuse?
It makes no sense. 
God wants you to be safe and well.

God loves you (a person) more than He loves your marriage (an institution).

While many religious institutions idolize marriage and overlook the well-being of individuals, God does not. 

The one who abuses breaks the covenant, not the one who says enough is enough to the abuse.
Abuse is so much more than broken bones and bruises. 

There are thirteen patterns and systems of abuse (child, cultural, emotional, financial, intellectual, pets and property, physical, psychological, social, sexual, spiritual, verbal, core mindset of power abuse and entitlement). 

All forms of abuse are destructive, even if they do not leave visible marks.

For more information about each pattern of abuse, click here.

If your marriage is abusive, marriage counseling is unsafe, unwise, and unethical. 

Has your pastor, counselor, family member, or friend pressured you to attend marriage counseling with your abuser?

Abuse is not a marriage problem, it is a behavior problem. 

Anything you say can and will be used against you and will increase your danger level.

Are you ready to dive deeper into twelve truths to renew your mind as you rebuild after an abusive marriage? 

I have created twelve short videos that focus on these truths. 

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Several times a year, I will offer group coaching that focuses on these truths and I will keep you updated on those times and prices. 

In the meantime, you can listen to the videos and fill your mind with truth, truth, truth!

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