2023 Held & Healed 
Online Retreat Videos

Rest, Regulate, and Reset

Ladies, the third annual Held & Healed Retreat was held online and we now have video content to share with you. 

Held & Healed began as a Facebook community on September 12, 2020. This group has grown to 3600+ members and we are healing, learning, loving, and growing together. This was our third annual retreat and because we offered it online, many more women were able to participate. Join our group HERE. 

The retreat was hosted by Heather Elizabeth. Heather is an advocate, speaker, writer, and coach. She facilitates Held & Healed: Christian Women Rebuilding After Abuse, a Facebook Group. She is a survivor of childhood abuse, domestic violence, and spiritual abuse and has a passion to help others rebuild their lives after abuse. Our featured speakers in 2023 were Sarah McDugal and Coach Bren of Wilderness to Wild. 

Sarah is a prolific advocate, speaker, coach, author, and founder of Wilderness to Wild. She is also a survivor of domestic violence and spiritual abuse, so she understands the plight of other women who are rebuilding after abuse. She facilitates multiple groups online and offers a host of resources on her website. Learn more here.

Coach Bren is the co-founder of Wilderness to Wild, a certified trauma support specialist, a licensed stress and wellbeing assessment provider, a and a professional resilience coach. She is excited to talk to us about nervous system regulation. Learn more here. Learn more here.

During our time together, we focused on healing after abuse and trauma. We shared about nervous system regulation, which is a missing link for so  many women who are rebuilding after abuse. We suggested tools to help you on your healing journey. Survivors and advocates will benefit from this content. 

What is the difference between regulating and resetting the nervous system? Sarah suggests. "Regulating is about catching yourself and helping calm when you're already dysregulated. Reset is staying calm over time with less and less dysregulation. (Regulation) is emergency response, (reset) is building fresh habits that keep you stable. 

Cost is $85. As Sarah pointed out in our time together, that is less than the price of one session of coaching/counseling. 

Session 1: Glimmers and Resources

Session 2: Nervous System Basics

Session 3: Rest (Learning to Rest in Your Body, Mind, and Spirit)

Session 4: Regulate (Calming and Soothing Techniques)

Session 5: Rest (Proactive Preparation for Trauma Triggers) 

Retreat Host 

Host: Heather Elizabeth of 
Held & Healed

Retreat Featured Speakers

Speaker: Sarah McDugal of 
Wilderness to Wild 

Speaker: Coach Bren of
Wilderness to Wild 

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