Safer Spaces Summit 2022
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Do you want to gain insights and clarit
on the nature of destructive relationships?

Do you know someone who is a relationship that is 
unsafe, unhealthy, destructive and abusive?

Are you the parent or sibling of someone who is facing 
emotional, mental, physical, sexual or spiritual abuse?

Are you the friend of an abuse survivor 
and looking for ways to support her?

Are you a spiritual leader, counselor, or life coach who serves survivors?

Are you a doctor, nurse, or first responder who encounters survivors? 

Do you love people and want to help those who are rebuilding after abuse?


We have shared statistics, stories, and solutions 
to help you address abuse within faith communities. 

This virtual event was held on Zoom 
and you will have long-term vault access to all sessions.

You'll receive 10+ hours of content 
and lists of additional resources to guide you 
as you advocate for survivors and address abusers.

We welcome abuse survivors, and anyone 

who loves survivors and desires to help others 
on their healing journeys. 

 Summit Details:

Guest speakers/topics include:

Gretchen Baskerville: Life-Saving Divorce 

Cindy Burrell: 10 Things to Know When Addressing Abuse

Rebecca Davis: Untwisting Scripture

Heather Elizabeth: Healing Resources 

Joy Forrest: Abuse and Trauma

Clara Hinton: Pastor's Wives & Abuse 

Dale and Faith Ingraham: Sexual Abuse in Faith Communities

Sarah McDugal: 13 Patterns/Systems of Abuse 

Neil Schori: Safety First 

Dear Friends, 

We have a problem.

A monumental problem. 

Abuse is rampant in faith communities, there are countless women who are suffering every single day while being told that God expects them to do so.  

Reportedly, one in three women are victims of physical or sexual violence.

That number does not account for unreported cases.

That number does not account for other forms of abuse: child, cultural, emotional, financial, intellectual, pets and property, psychological, social, spiritual and verbal.

We are here to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

God loves His daughters and He wants us to be safe and well.

During this summit, we will expose the realities of abuse within faith communities, share stories of survivors and offer solutions for how to address abusers in a Biblical manner.

This network of advocates, authors, speakers, and leaders (many are also survivors) is part of an army that is rising up.

Edmund Burke said it so well: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

We invite good men and good women to join us in this fight against evil.

We welcome pastors, spiritual leaders, educators, counselors, life coaches, teachers, medical personnel, first responders, law enforcement, and people helpers.

If you love people and want to know better and do better, this event is for you.

We will share harsh realities with you, but will also offer ways to combat abuse.

This event was recorded so you are able to watch the videos over and over again. Please feel free to share with your spouse, but do not share video access with others. Feel free to share this registration link with anyone who wants to purchase the summit. 
 Summit Host:

This summit is hosted by Heather Elizabeth. She is a survivor, advocate, coach, podcaster, and the facilitator of Held & Healed: Christian Women Rebuilding After Abuse.

From Heather:

I survived abuse for over 45 years. My h
ome was not safe. My c
hurch was not safe. My marriage was not safe. In 2015, I found myself separated and unable to function due to chronic health issues. My body was sick. My mind was sick. My spirit was sick.

In 2016, I began a journey of healing for my body, mind, and spirit. I realized that I had Complex-PTSD from enduring decades of trauma and abuse. I found a trauma-informed, domestic violence-informed counselor. I found a holistic doctor. Healing became my priority. 

In March of 2020, I enrolled in Give Her Wings Academy and began to soak up knowledge. I listened to the lessons, then followed links to blogs posts, books and podcasts. I have invested thousands of hours in educating myself about abuse and linking arms with other advocates.

 I know many other women who have endured physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and physiological abuse. As I listened to the speakers in the academy, the names and faces of my friends came to mind. "Oh, I should send her this link," or "I need to reach out to her and share this nugget of truth." Week after week, I received truth, validation, education, and resources. 


Once the lights turned on for me, I wanted to flip every switch to help others see truth.

My pain is not in vain if it helps others find their healing. 

On September 12, 2020, I launched a private Facebook group, Held & Healed: Christian Women Rebuilding After Abuse. That group has grown to 3000+ members and it is a space where I share and organize healing resources. We create community with online and in-person events. Women are seen, head, loved, believed and validated. 

We gathered for the first annual Held & Healed Retreat in September of 2021. During our time together, we heard survivor stories, studied the thirteen patterns/systems of abuse, and were given practical tools for engaging in spiritual warfare. We ate together, laughed together, cried together, and practiced self-care.

This summit will allow us to extend our Held & Healed family and invite more survivors and helpers into our community. Welcome, dear ones! We are here to love, learn, and grow together.

Individual license: You may choose to give $50 or $100.

By purchasing this summit, you are helping to support
the ongoing work of Held & Healed: 
Christian Women Rebuilding After Abuse.

Your Safer Spaces Summit single license is for personal use only 
(married couples may share one account).

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Summit Speakers 
These men and women love Jesus and they love people. Many of them are survivors of abuse and all of them use their voices to speak out against evil. They are my friends and I count it a high honor to serve with them in the army of advocates. 

Gretchen Baskerville
Survivor, Author, Advocate, and Facilitator of
Life-saving Divorce Facebook Group

Cindy Burrell
Survivor, Author, Advocate, Coach,
Blogger at Hurt by Love

Rebecca Davis 
Author, Advocate, Copywriter, 
Editor, Book Coach, Blogger at 
Here's the Joy

Joy Forrest
Survivor, Author, Advocate
Founder of Called to Peace Ministries

Clara Hinton 
Survivor, Author, Advocate, Blogger,
Speaking Out on Sex Abuse Podcast

Faith and Dale Ingraham
Survivor, Author, Advocate, 
Founders of Speaking Truth in Love Ministries 

Sarah McDugal 
Survivor, Author, Advocate, Coach, 
Founder of Wilderness to Wild

Neil Schori
Advocate, Pastor,  Coach,
Neil Schori--Spiritual Director & Domestic Violence Coach

Individual license: $100

Your Safer Spaces Summit single license is for personal use only. 

For small groups, leadership teams, or other forms of participation, a rebroadcast license must be purchased. 

Inquire for rebroadcast license details: