Held & Healed Haven 


Guest Speakers


On September 13, 2020, I launched Held & Healed: Christian Women Rebuilding After Abuse. The group has grown to almost 2000 members in a short time and ladies are growing and healing together. 

As I have launched several group coaching sessions, I have had the opportunity to get to know dear ladies in a more intimae setting. Each time our six or twelve week session comes to a close, we have bonded and it is hard to say good-bye.
This is what led me to create the Held & Healed Haven. In this space, we will create community, explore healing resources, engage with guest speakers and so much more. 

We'll continue to build on these themes:
Mental health resources and modalities 
Truths that set us free
Finding safe support systems
Rebuilding: body, mind, and spirit 
And so much more 

This is a monthly membership. You may cancel at any time.