Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse 

Does Your Husband Bully, Threaten or Control You?

Are you afraid of your husband?
Do you fear his reactions in everyday situations?
Do you tiptoe around the house and ask your children to do the same?
Does he falsely accuse you of having affairs?
Does he criticize you over matters big and small?
Does he raise his voice in a threatening manner?
Does he tell you that his behaviors are your fault?
Does he control your finances and/or gives you a meager "allowance?"
Does he throw things or punch the walls?

Does he cut you off from your family and friends?
Does he show jealousy when you spend time with others?
Does he tell you to keep your relationship private and not discuss your marriage with others?
Do you need to ask his permission to spend time with others?
Does he embarrass you in front of others and make you want to avoid such situations?

Is He Physically or Sexually Abusing You?

Does he abandon you in unknown places?
Does he attack you with weapons or his own hands?
Does he withhold basic needs--nutrition, health care, clothing, etc.?
Does he punch, kick, bite, or push you?
Does he force you to have sex with him or make you feel that you "owe" him sex?

You Are Not Alone!

I talk with and walk with women every single day who have experienced various forms of abuse.

Most of these women are within the conservative faith community and feel that they have no way out.

We are creating a beautiful community of survivors and we welcome you to join us.

We share valuable resources to help you on your healing journey, as you rebuild your body, mind and spirit.

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