Three Things You Need to Know After Divorce

Your life isn't over. 

I know it may feel like it, but, trust me, your life is not over.

You are entering a new season and you will heal.

You will laugh again.

You will sing again.

Do not give up, my friend.

God doesn't hate you. 

That's right.

Even if you grew up in church and heard many sermons about how much God hates divorce, the truth is that GOD LOVES YOU.

He has seen everything you have walked through, He knows every offense committed against you and He's heard every harsh word spoken to you.

No all marriages are holy.

Not all divorces are unholy.

Sin causes divorce.

Sin breaks the marriage covenant.

Abuse, addiction and adultery are elements of destructive marriages and God does not desire that His daughters be subject to such things.

So, breathe.

In and out.

Your heavenly Father sees you, hears you, knows you and LOVES you!

You are not alone. 

This is where hope really begins to grow wings.

You find others who have walked the path before you.

Those who have been through the fire and now walk back into the flames, carrying buckets of water for those who are still engulfed.

I have been on a journey of healing and I am passionate about helping others find the hope I have found.

I walk with and talk with women each week who are in various stages of recovery and I am gathering them in one place to learn, grow, advocate and heal together.

I am not a counselor, but I can offer suggestions for ones who are licensed and qualified to help you.

We ask group participants to hold what is shared in confidence, your privacy and safety is important to us.

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