Held & Healed Haven

Dear One, 

I invite you to join the Held & Healed Haven.

This group is for women who are rebuilding their lives after abuse. 

I facilitate an online group for survivors that has grown to over 2500 members.

As our Held & Healed community grows, there is a need for a smaller, more intimate group. 

The Haven will be a place where we connect with group coaching (alternating between Zoom and Facebook Lives, on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM EST. Zooms and Lives will be recorded for replay). 

This will be a space where we gather to encourage, edify, equip, and empower survivors. 

We’ll focus on: 

* Mental health Resources 

* Nervous System Regulation 

* Healthy Habits 

* Spoon Theory 

* Boundaries 

* And More! 

Through group coaching, community building, goal setting, guest interviews, and resourcing, you will have opportunity to learn, heal, and grow with other ladies who are rebuilding. 

This will be a monthly membership group and you will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe as needed. 

I look forward to getting to know you better on our healing journey,

Heather Elizabeth 

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